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Laureli Shimayo


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It was so great to meet you.  I found it fascinating how much "hope" my meeting with you spurred - I didn't really realize I was in a funk, but after getting such a positive zap regarding possibilities, I felt a lot of hope and have carried that with me since.


– New Client

Your competence is extraordinary. I’ve probably had ~25 ‘therapists’ in my life – the best one was more of a coach, like you, and you're at that level or even above in terms of your competency and skill that you bring, so this is a very supportive relationship for me.” 


– Trauma Survivor

I am an intuitive, an energy reader, a pattern recognition and personality scientist, an emotional facilitator, a spiritual embodier, a coach, a teacher and a community supporter. I have natural and developed capacities for feeling, sensing, knowing and articulating subtleties in the metaphysical realms. I bring awareness and presence and make connections, plus I provide practical insight that empowers openings and transformation. 

I subconsciously developed my gifts of predicting people’s behavior in order to survive my childhood. In my teenage years I felt conflicted by the paradox of seeing so much more in people’s eyes than I could fathom was generated by our DNA (as science class would have us believe). I had been raised as an atheist and was on my way to become a molecular biologist. After studying and working in science (M.S. Biology at Caltech, B.A. Genetics at UC Berkeley), intellectual property law and entrepreneurial businesses, I finally opened to and embraced alternative healing practices, spiritual approaches, and existential and transpersonal psychology. 


After studying with several teachers, including somatic psychotherapists, I began practicing what I call body psychology and reading eyes with what I call ThriveTypes® archetypes. Initially I used scientific observation and pattern recognition, then later, with more subtlety, I grew and used my intuition. My readings now include all my skills including claircognizance, clairsentience, clairempathy and some clairvoyance. When I read you, I’m reading your energy, emotions and psychological history, as much as I’m reading your eyes.


I’m passionate about equality, empowerment, alignment, authenticity and growth. I believe in engaging others with dignity and sharing resources; you’ll see this reflected in my offerings.


In addition to providing intuitive readings, coaching and consulting, I also design and deliver transformative Authentic Relating activities and MeWe Fairs® Metaphysics & Wellness community events for energizing body, mind, heart & soul.


I’m privileged to be an energetic and optimistic short sleeper, so I’m usually at my computer - and sometimes I'm playing with my partner (soulmate, similar eyes), cuddling my dog in my log cabin, or out in the wilderness of the pacific northwest.

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