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Intuitive Eye Reading

Intuitive Eye Reading is a unique combination of intuition, the metaphysical arts and pattern recognition. When I see your eyes, I quickly and gently pierce through to your core, read your soul and directly apply my insight to all aspects of your world. Intuitive Eye Readings derive from historic channeled works (e.g., Alice Bailey’s 7 Rays) and align with recent discoveries in eye-tracking science (e.g., eye movements have been shown to predict behavior). My readings are intended to encourage you to express your spiritual essence and purpose.


Intuitive Eye Reading differs greatly from another modality called Iridology, which analyzes details of the iris (the colored portion of the eye) to predict physical health of the body.


Intuitive Eye Readings are primarily energetic readings of the soul. It is apparent that we're all able to read each other’s eyes well, such as in how accurately we repeat relationship patterns - we do this by reading people's eyes subconsciously and making choices based on what we read. 


In our Intuitive Eye Readings, we are consciously noting specific traits, such as:

  • how much energy goes inward versus outward;

  • whether the eyes move and if so how;

  • if the eye are angled inward, outward or are parallel;

and also intuiting and loosely holding all this awareness simultaneously.


We've looked at thousands of eyes over 15+ years and realize how these patterns predict a person's passions, motivations, preferences, desires, lessons, and more.

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What happens in an Intuitive Eye Reading?


In an Eye Reading, whether we’re connecting via photos, by video or in person; whether we only see your eyes or also (and preferably) your face and body; we’re mapping some physical traits and also subtle behaviors and energy. We’re also exploring your deeper intentions and emotions which correlate with the movement, direction and purpose of your soul energy as it moves through your eyes, along with subtle postural and gestural characteristics.


When we do a full reading, we’re likely noting of all your ThriveTypes, including your Talents & Lessons, Pacing, Decisions, Communication, Motivation, Defense and World View. In addition to what’s authentic, each of us also have been taught or learned a set of Masks (layered on top of what is authentic) to fit in with our families and cultures. Our role in your reading is to distinguish what’s real from your Masks. There are a few additional characteristics we may recognize as well, including how these elements have all combined to create your uniqueness as a human being. There are more combinations of ThriveTypes archetypes than there are people on Earth. Our description of you is much more subtle and deep than a set of characteristics.

Ideally we'll see photos of you ahead of our reading, and we don't need to.

What will I learn?


Our aim is to have you feel deeply seen, increase your connection and alignment with your soul, and empower you to express yourself authentically. When together we align on what best describes your soul, you ought to feel a resonance and deeper knowing and trust of who you are, why you are here, why you love what you love and how you can most satisfyingly and effectively do all that you choose. 


We aim to give you a map of your soul, your soul purpose and a pathway for evolving spiritually to best express the essence you are. 


We’re also able to provide advice and coaching on how to grow over time - we can supply a variety of growth tools that are best for your unique journey. Plus, we love to offer practical recommendations on tuning your career path, understanding others (show us their eyes), improving relationships throughout your life and business (relationship coaching, personnel management, raising kids), choosing others to connect with (romantic matchmaking and hiring), and much more.


We can address many topics. Ask us a question, and if it involves people and/or strategizing your soul expression, chances are we’ll have an answer.

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