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Book: Discover the 

7 Talents that Laureli reads in people's eyes. Our 3 Talents are directly connected to our purpose. Learn about each, their lessons and how to get the most from yours.

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$19.99 Softcover

$9.99 Kindle

Learn to Read Eyes

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Video Course: Learn to read the 7 Talents in people's eyes based on behavioral patterns, eyes, face, head, body, intentions, energy, and by comparing lots of photos of famous people. Also reviews the 4 lessons of each Talent. Each class is ~2 hours; the course is 14+ hours. Taught by Laureli.

$195 / course (7 + intro)

$30 / class

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Guide: Discover the 

4 Lessons of Love and learn how to use ThriveTypes and Intuitive Eye Readings to find a soulmate via conscious online dating. Get lots of tips for how to improve your profile and photos, write to a potential date to increase the likelihood that they'll respond and much more.

$5 PDF

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