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Matchmaking Soulmates
Eyes Are the Window to Your...Soulmates

Intuitive Eye Reading for Matchmaking + Conscious Online Dating Coaching will empower you to attract, find and date soulmates - for joy, fulfillment and spiritual growth - via your eyes and their eyes! You'll unwind past dating patterns and underlying (often childhood) wounds so you can experience the love and connection your soul is waiting for. Thousands of great dates, many partners, and marriages have have happened with this method. After only one experience, you'll change the way you date and relate for the rest of your life. 

Scroll down for info on the Online Dating Coaching & Matchmaking Group and Speed Dating.

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You can experience my approach in social events, drop-in dating coaching and matchmaking, sessions at public events and in private readings. Scroll down to see upcoming socials and drop-in events.

Our initial session will likely focus on YOU and your dating history, plus ideally a bit on your parent(s) and exes. We'll review the 4 Lessons of Love and who are YOUR SOULMATES. Next steps will likely be to change the way you date Online or IRL (in real life, or as my colleague calls it, dating in the wild). Topics include:

  • Matchmaking Online – let's screen people on your online dating site(s) to find you great dates and soulmates!

  • Matchmaking IRL – you'll show me photos of people you're interested in, I'll read them and share my insights; or I'll connect you with good matches I know; or we'll review photos of people you know to see who you've missed

  • Write/Tune Your Profile – chances are your profile does not show the real you, and you're hiding some of your most important, valuable and attractive traits; you might be wearing false masks too; we'll shine light on your authentic self, highlight your soul and put it in your profile

  • Take/Tune Your Profile Photos – do your photos show the real you or instead masks of what you think will be attractive; look at my blog article on how to take photos that show your passionate, real soul that will find you soulmates

  • Choose Which Site(s) – there are so many to choose from, some are definitely better than others

  • Write Messages – you'll get many better dates if you write to good people (not wink/like and wait for them to write you), I'll show you what to say to increase the reply rate and get deeper replies; we'll likely practice a few together

  • What to Do on a Date – your soul and purpose suggest what is great for you to do on dates; I believe it is best for everyone to be able to genuinely connect on a first date, and the best way to do that depends on your eyes (and their eyes) 

  • Stay or Go – if after a few dates you're questioning things, it could be time to let this one go OR it could be that you feel scared since it's better than ever before and you're "upper limiting" - I'll help you discern the difference

  • Heal the Past, Change Your Patterns – there are lessons we're all typically navigating in dating and relating; there are 4 Lessons of Love that help us understand the past and heal what's in the way of creating a good relationship, such as with a soulmate

  • Soulmates Are – people with similar souls, so it often feels like we know each other deeply when we first meet; if you believe in this - sometimes they've had past lives together, and more often they are simply in a large soul family - we have many soulmates!

  • Honoring & Empowering Diversity – I collaborate with an unlimited range of dating and relating styles (including dating anarchy), preferences and gender identities plus my approach is trauma-informed, attachment-informed, somatic-focused, and I'm continually learning and making better choices to empower anti-racism, anti-ageism, anti-ableism, etc. 

  • Anything Else – I'm open to exploring just about anything you might want to discuss 


We’ll meet by video or in person, for whatever length of time you prefer. The first session is often one hour.  You may provide photos before we meet (I'll do an initial reading of them) or bring them to our session (see our guidance on photos), which we'll likely record.


After your session, if we discuss ThriveTypes archetypes, we can send you a map of your soul (and patterns in your exes), any materials we looked at together, and the recording. 

We can also meet briefly to explore working together before diving in for a session....

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Drop-in Conscious Dating Coaching & Matchmaking

"I am seeing results with higher caliber men and more peace." Online Dater

1st Time by Donation | $20* Each | $120* for 3 Months

[*20% off for BIPOC folks as a step of making reparations]

Join us in zoom at:

Meeting ID: 872 9192 5077, Passcode: 279953


  • Tue June 25 @11am-12:30pm PT (2-3:30pm ET)

  • Wed June 26 @6-7:30pm PT (9-10:30pm ET)

  • Tue July 2 @11am-12:30pm PT (2-3:30pm ET)

  • Tue July 2 @7-8:30pm PT (10-11:30pm ET)

  • Mon July 8 @7-8:30pm PT (10-11:30pm ET)

  • Tue July 9 @11am-12:30pm PT (2-3:30pm ET)

  • Wed July 10 @4-5:30pm PT (7-8:30pm ET)

  • Fri July 12 @11am-12:30pm PT (2-3:30pm ET)

  • Sat July 13 @9am-10:30am PT (2-3:30pm ET)

  • Mon July 15 @11am-12:30pm PT (2-3:30pm ET)

  • Tue July 16 @5-6:30pm PT (8-9:30pm ET)

  • Thu July 18 @6-7:30pm PT (9-10:30pm ET)

  • Mon July 22 @11am-12:30pm PT (2-3:30pm ET)

  • Mon July 22 @6-7:30pm PT (9-10:30pm ET)

  • Tue July 23 @11am-12:30pm PT (2-3:30pm ET)

  • Thu July 25 @5:30-7pm PT (8:30-10pm ET)

  • Mon July 29 @11am-12:30pm PT (2-3:30pm ET)

  • Tue July 30 @7-8:30pm PT (10-11:30pm ET)

  • Wed July 31 @6-7:30pm PT (9-10:30pm ET)

  • Thu Aug 1 @9:30am-11am PT (2:30-4pm ET)

You are also welcome to attend Metaphysical Spiritual Speed Dating events Online and in-Person at MeWe Fairs. These events are primarily for getting practice connecting authentically in the context of dating. And of course you might actually meet someone relevant!!! Upcoming dates include:​


  • Sat June 29 @6-7pm in Ashland, OR

  • Sat July 6 @6-7pm in Seaside, OR

  • Sun July 14 @2-4pm PT Online in this zoom room

  • Sat July 27 @6-7pm in Seattle, WA

Above events with more details are listed on this Calendar

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Questions for Singles Mingle

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Dating Patterns & Purpose: My Journey 


Enjoy about 15 minutes of video on my philosophy in the context of my own dating journey.

Since this video I took a few more steps and then used all my learnings to...

in 6 weeks...

on 3 dating sites...

contact ~36 people...

correspond with 6...

go on 3 dates...

to find my best soulmate...

we've been together for almost 6 years...

and live in two adjacent log cabins on 7 acres

Conscious Online Dating Course

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Video Course: this 6-part recorded class includes tons of tips for advanced online daters and great basic info for beginners

Class 1: The Basics + Writing a Profile
Class 2: Intuitive Eye Readings for Dating
Class 3: The 4 Lessons of Love
Class 4:  Apply It All to Your Profile + Photos
Class 5: How to Search to Find Aligned Dates, Soulmates

Class 6: Integrating the Steps of Your Conscious Dating Journey

$250* for 6 hour course + a 30 min session with Laureli

Recorded $175*

*20% off for BIPOC Folks

as a step of making reparations

Fall 2022

6 Tuesdays

@6-7:30pm PT 

September 13, 20, 27

October 4, 11, 18

Eyes Are the Window to Your Soulmate cover.jpg

Guide: Discover the 

4 Lessons of Love and learn how to use ThriveTypes and Intuitive Eye Readings to find a soulmate via conscious online dating. Get lots of tips for how to improve your profile and photos, write to a potential date to increase the likelihood that they'll respond and much more.

$5 PDF

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