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Intuitive Eye Readings

Find & Live Your Purpose

Find & Love Your Soulmate

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To find an aligned partner, see and soothe how you've been seeking approval and dating from self criticism. To date a soulmate, celebrate, like and love yourself. Share who you truly are on your profile, look for others like you, and be vulnerable and real in the first message. 

To more quickly date a soulmate, clarify your (your parents' and exes') ThriveTypes, to find your blindspots and laser in on great dates.

To find your life or soul purpose, notice where you feel energized and alive vs. where you feel exhausted and drained. To live your purpose, follow your energy. Do what you love - do what is easy, has you feel energized and is of service to others. 

To more quickly find and live your purpose, clarify your ThriveTypes, as they point towards your purpose and will speed your journey.


Your FREE GIFTS are a Handbook on the ThriveTypes and a Conscious Online Dating Guide. Explore these archetypes to better understand yourself, your soul and/or your likely soulmates and to create a map for living your purpose and dating a soulmate. Let yourself be and do what is natural and energizing, not what others tell you what and how you "should" be. These guides will help you find your false masks, distinguish them from what's authentic, appreciate who you truly are, feel more confident baring your soul and trust in the abundance of people who really like and get YOU.

Assistance is also available: get an Intuitive Eye Reading of Your ThriveTypes.

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