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We provide Intuitive Eye Readings and Intuitive Coaching to empower you to grow spiritually, grow through lessons, express your soul purpose and make practical choices and changes throughout your life, relationships and/or business endeavors.

Our initial session will focus on YOU, anyone else you want to know about and your relationships with them, plus optionally a bit on whatever topics and practical applications you want to explore. We can go deeper into these topics in future sessions. Examples include:

  • Soul/Life Purpose – what is it, am I on my path, how can I better express my purpose, e.g., what would it be good for me to start/stop/change, is this next possible step in alignment with my path

  • Spiritual or Personal Growth – how can I learn to focus on me and my growth (not everyone else), how can we leverage my Eye Reading so I grow most easily, what are the most important new skills for me to learn (and practice)

  • Career Path – is mine a good fit for me, how might I tune my path, are these career paths a better fit, what paths might be better, should I stay at this organization

  • Resume Reflections – is my resume good enough, how should I modernize it, how might I tune it to change careers to better convey and express my purpose

  • Relationships (current) – is this romantic relationship, friendship, business connection, etc. good for me, what can I do to make it better, how can I better honor/support this person (romance, kids, parents), should I stay or go

  • Relationships (new) – who would make a great partner for me, how do I attract and find them, how do I avoid repeating the same bad pattern, how do I not sabotage my new relationship with this great partner

  • Matchmaking & Online Dating – can online dating actually work, how can you find great dates for me (and maybe my soulmate) via conscious online dating (hint: we look at their eyes), what should my profile say, which photos do I use, how do I better attract the good ones and screen out the duds (including screen out the scammers), how do I get (more) people to write me back, what should we do on a date, etc.

  • Hiring Consulting, Management, Leadership & HR – who should we hire and how do we find them, how can I better lead my business/project/department, how can I better manage and motivate my people and who should I promote, transfer and let go (hint: their eyes)

  • Just About Everything Else – how can I be a better actor, how might I tune my marketing to better reach my audience, how can I better sell, negotiate, etc.


Our session can be with you alone or with whomever else you want to include in your session (e.g., a partner). We’ll meet by video or in person, for whatever length of time you prefer. The first session is often one hour.  You may provide photos before we meet (we'll do an initial reading) or bring them to our session (see our guidance below), which we'll likely record.


After your session, if we discuss ThriveTypes archetypes, we can send you a map of your soul, any materials we looked at together, and the recording. 

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Follow-up sessions typically involve:

  • Delving deeper into your growth lessons

  • Expanding your capacity to be authentic and express your purpose

  • Reading other people in your life or work and making recommendations (e.g., stay or go)

  • Getting tips on motivating employees, collaborating with peers, etc.

  • Conscious online dating: tuning your profile, searching for soulmates, writing to get responses, etc.

  • Tuning your resume or Linkedin profile and evaluating new career options

  • Teaching you to do Intuitive Eye Reading of others

  • Integrating Intuitive Eye Readings into your coaching, therapy or intuitive practice


Follow-up sessions can be by video or in person and any amount of time you want. Sometimes follow-ups are by text: you send photos and we send back Readings and comments.

Gathering and sending photos​

Before our first session, for the deepest and most accurate dive, please gather 2-3+ photos of you that show your eyes well and are ideally casual and candid. More photos are better. Simple selfies are fine. Also ideally find 2-3 photos each of your parents and of any other important caregivers (older sibs, nanny, grandparent).

You may also include a few photos of anyone else relevant to our conversation – exes (particularly if we are meeting about matchmaking/dating), current partner, kids, colleagues, etc. Include anything else we are to look at together such as your resume, online dating profile, etc.

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