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Intuitive Eye Reading

Eyes are the Window to:

Your Soul

Your Purpose

Your Soulmates

Your Growth Path

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A New Modality
in the Metaphysical Arts

Intuition + Pattern Recognition

When you meet someone wearing dark sunglasses, you may have felt frustrated by how much is missing. Then, as soon as you see their eyes, so much is instantly revealed. 


All people read so much in each other's eyes instinctively, subconsciously. We don't realize that we make so many decisions based on what we see in people's eyes.

Do we make decisions that help us or hurt us?

We at Intuitive Eye Reading bring the subconscious capacity to read eyes to conscious awareness.


This new modality derives from channeled spiritual traditions and also aligns with recent discoveries in eye-tracking science. We read by noticing subtle details and pattern recognition, plus also the intuitive or psychic capacities of claircognizance, clairvoyance, clairempathy and clairsentience.

An Intuitive Eye Reading is a reading of your SOUL.


We offer you new ways to honor the broad diversity of humanity and enable you to tangibly access your own unique soul path, thereby providing answers to many of your likely questions.

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  • Discover your soul purpose

  • Do work you love

  • Motivate and inspire others

  • Feel joyous and fulfilled

  • Solve relationship challenges

  • Date soulmates

  • Expand spiritually

  • Grow through lessons

Get a Reading

Meet with us in person or by video after optionally gathering photos of you and others (e.g., parents, coworkers, current relationships, exes). We'll share what we see and answer questions about your soul, your purpose, relationships you're in or want to be in, etc.


We can describe your soul in common language or optionally with ThriveTypes archetypes, plus we'll offer intuitive coaching on how to grow through lessons and make practical choices in all you do so everything comes into alignment with your purpose.

Honestly, it felt like you affirmed what I was feeling but did not really understand how to express.


I would even go so far as to say that I had never felt so clearly and immediately 'seen.'


Our session also triggered a massive outpouring of creativity and tons of reflection on where I am putting my energy and effort.


– Therapist

Smiling Woman

We spoke a few times years ago, and you got me on a good path of looking for the different archetypes that I needed.


I found that Inspiration Talent man that I’d been looking for, for so long. 


We’ve been married a few years now and doing great, so I wanted to say thanks for that wisdom and insight.


– Psychotherapist for 25 years

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